Famous Scouts

Scouting is for everyone, and there are all kinds of famous people who were once Scouts, some of whom might surprise you. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sir David Attenborough, naturalist
  • David Beckham, footballer
  • Tony Blair, former prime minister
  • Russell Brand, comedian
  • Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur
  • Jarvis Cocker, musician
  • Billy Connolly, comedian
  • Richard Hammond, tv presenter
  • Lucie Jones, singer and actress
  • James Martin, chef
  • Andrew Murray, tennis player
  • Sir Paul McCartney, musician
  • Barack Obama, US president
  • Joe Pasquale, comedian
  • Jeremy Paxman, journalist
  • Keith Richards, musician
  • Steven Spielberg, film director
  • David Walliams, comedian

Some even come back to help us out…